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VR-Themed Film Virtual Seeks Crowdfunding With 360 Format

There will be a VR experience of the film as well as a headset for backers

Virtual is a virtual reality (VR) themed film that sees a futuristic, action-packed dystopian story develop – or it will if its crowdfunding is successful. The Kickstarter campaign also offers a 360-degree experience of parallel stories, and there is also an offer to get VR-themed gifts in backing the campaign.

Beyond its efforts in creating a VR-themed title, which would use a pretty impressive amount of CG mixed with live action, the makers of the film have intentioned to make it more than that and want to push it further into the realms of VR itself – or at least as a 360-degree experience: “Virtual is not just a movie, we want it to become a great experience, so we will also offer to our supporters the exclusive access to parallel stories in VR 360 format.

virtual 360

For backers of the campaign, there is an additional prize that really shows the developers’ dedication to wanting to immerse both backers and those who are hoped to be able to watch the film once it is complete. There is a chance to get your hands on a Virtual-themed head-mounted display (HMD) if you are to back this campaign over 100 EUR, which would get you ready for the full experience of this project.

The current goal of the campaign is 100,000 which may seem a little bit of a stretch with just a little under a month to go and current pledges at just under €4,000. If the project is backed, the game plan is to create a 90 minute sci-fi movie, and if they are funded beyond what is set then there is a chance for them to create longer experiences.

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