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360fly VR Cam to Be Used For Live Surgery Broadcast With Online Medical Library GIBLIB

The abdominal hernia prodedure it open to anyone who wants to watch it.

Surgery broadcast in virtual reality (VR) or 360 video is becoming more and more popular and practised, and in an area such as Beverly Hills, it doesn’t seem to be all that alien. In California there will be a live stream of surgery using the 360fly camera.

This surgery will be broadcast to the public using the 4K 360 camera, and it has been organised by an online platform dedicated to surgeons sharing their medical lectures and surgical videos, and was created with doctors and medical students from developing countries in mind.


“Watching a surgery in 360-degree/virtual reality provides a fully immersive real-world operating room experience for viewers and is a game changer for surgical education,” said Brian Conyer, CEO of GIBLIB, in a press release.

Conyer went on to talk about the partnering with 360fly: “We are a technology company that wants to improve the way surgeons connect globally and modernize the way surgical information is shared. Partnering with 360fly and Livit made perfect sense for us, enabling us to provide a seamless content creation and sharing platform for real-time, interactive viewing experiences.”

“This live streaming technique gives viewers the best perspective because you can see the surgeon, patient, and staff all at once,” said Dr. Towfigh, the only surgeon in the west of the US who solely concentrates on abdominal wall hernias and their complications, who will also be going through with the live surgery.

The broadcast using the 360fly will take place on 28th July at 11am PST, so only eight days from today, and it will be available to anyone who would like to watch. All they are asked to do is to register online in order to watch the one-hour live surgery.

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