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405 Road Rage Drives Onto Gear VR

It’s your way or the highway, and your way is the highway.

It can happen to anyone. You’re minding your own business, trying to get to your destination as quickly as possible, when when all of a sudden some idiot in the next lane veers across and cuts you off. Doesn’t it just grind your gears? Doesn’t it make you want to yell out of the window? Doesn’t it make you want to strap a reinforced plow to the front of your car and chase them down?

Okay, perhaps not quite the last one. The point is there’s always someone stopping you from getting from A to B and that’s the case in newly released Gear VR title 405 Road Rage by Lucid Sight, Inc.  The free game takes users to the fast and busy tarmac of California’s 405 Freeway for a slightly less than accurate take on addressing the need for speed in the ‘land of the free’. Coerce your fellow motorists that your need is far more pressing by easing, pushing, barging or in any other way ramming them off the road. Use weapons to aid your vehicular violence and unlockable upgrades to increase your speed. It’s your way or the highway, and your way is the highway.

You can add the free title to your Gear VR library via the Oculus Store either via your Gear VR compatible phone or add 405 Road Rage via the recently released web-based store hereVRFocus will bring you more news about Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR titles in the near future.

405 Road Rage 1 405 Road Rage 2 405 Road Rage 3 405 Road Rage 4 405 Road Rage 5

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