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ALLie Camera is Used For Livestreaming of Stomach Reducing Surgery Tomorrow From Mexico

The bariatric surgery has previously been recorded but this will be the first time it can be watched live.

The ALLie Camera launched back in April of this year, and now it has partnered up with the Obesity Control Center in Baja, Mexico, to livestream surgery so it can be watched by over 100 top surgeons through virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD).

During the Annual International Bariatric Club Symposium tomorrow, Dr. Ortiz will carry out surgery that will be streamed live via the ALLie Camera. This is all in an effort to cut down the numbers of misdiagnoses, botched surgeries, and medication errors, as low-cost VR HMDs can be used for practicing surgeons and students to be immersed into scenarios that they otherwise wouldn’t have trained first hand in, in a risk-free envronments. The surgery that will be livestreamed will be to instal a gastric band or remove a portion of the stomach in order to reduce the size of the stomach.


“The ALLie Camera is perfectly suited to capture the clearest, most reliable view of these elaborate surgeries with a vantage point enabling the highest sense of presence possible for viewers,” said Dmitry Kozko, CEO of ALLie Camera, in a press release. “We are proud to partner with Dr. Ortiz and the IBC to pioneer more engaging training experiences for future surgeons.”

“We are blazing the trail for surgeons around the world by bringing these incredibly interactive and immersive 360 video technologies into the operating room,” said Dr. Ortiz. “Together with the team at ALLie, our sights are focused on continuing to further the educational possibilities that 360-degree cameras and VR headsets can bring to medical learning environments.”

Below is the video of the first recording of the surgery that was posted last month, but for the livestream tune in to the dedicated web page at 2.25pm PST tomorrow, on 15th July, to watch Dr. Ortiz carry out bariatric surgery.

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