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Be the First VR Heavyweight Champion In Thrill of the Fight on HTC Vive

Swing, duck, jab, dive – this boxing title lets you fight unique opponents.

Some may have some memories of trying out Wii Sports Boxing for the first time, and hoping for a real simulation of boxing, which wasn’t necessarily what they got. Now, Thrill of the Fight has been tagged as not a real boxing simulation from the beginning, but it is using technology that is miles beyond what the Wii could achieve, the HTC Vive, and it out now on Early Access.

Ian Fitz, the developer and publisher of this boxing title, has released the game into Early Access with just the basic tutorial and fully playable fight against a single opponent. Although the fighting mechanics are said to greatly resemble their final state. Players can enter a virtual gym and battle unique challengers with their own boxing styles and techniques, which provides a varied and long-term type of gameplay. As the opponent swings at you, you’re able to duck and dodge, as well as land a few hits and block attacks as well.

thrill of the fight screenshot

Fitz outlines what the full version is to have on the videogame store page: “The plan is to move the game out of Early Access once it has more refined fighting mechanics, many more opponents, and extra visual polish. Depending on the success of the game, custom art assets and voice-overs may be commissioned. Other features will be considered during development, such as alternate game modes.”

The Thrill of the Fight is said to stay in Early Access for six months to a year is currently priced at a discounted rate of £5.59, 20% cheaper than the original £6.99. It is said that “the game will likely increase in price slightly as new features and content are added”.

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