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Space Rift artwork

bitComposer Games Release Third Behind-the-Scenes Video for Space Rift

The team release another making-of video for the space adventure.

For the last two weeks developer Vibrant Core and publisher bitComposer have released behind-the-scenes videos detailing the creation process on Space Rift. The team has now released the third video, talking about the unique features of the virtual reality (VR) space adventure with a focus on the gameplay and level design.

The video begin with Daniel Krabbes, Product Manager, bitComposer Interactive saying: “The developers in Bonn specifically planned, designed and optimized Space Rift for VR headsets from the ground up. What sets Space Rift apart is, of course, the storyline and the story-heavy gameplay in combination with the VR headsets. This immerses the player very deeply in the story, making it much more captivating and immersive than traditional PC gaming”

Space Rift screenshot

Jurek Malottke, Lead Artist at Vibrant Core comments: “At the moment, most VR titles are still not finished. There’s a lot of Early Access in the Oculus Store or on Steam, or tech demos where you can take a first look at the potential of VR.

“But Space Rift is a complete game you can play through in several hours, and where you’ll still encounter something new after half an hour.”

Space Rift is a cockpit-based first-person shooter (FPS) where humanity is fighting for survival in the stars after Earth has been left uninhabitable by a meteor storm.

“With Space Rift we wanted to create an experience, which offers players everything they expect from a ‘usual’ game production,” says Gihad Chbib, CEO, Vibrant Core. “But Space Rift is even more than that, since it is optimized and playable with VR.”

Scheduled to release this summer on Steam for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the title will be priced at $19.99 USD/€19.99 EUR & £14.99 GBP. There will also be a Samsung Gear VR version released around the same time and PlayStation VR support will also feature later on this year.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Space Rift, reporting back with any further announcements.

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