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Rollercoaster Dreams

Build Your Ultimate Themepark on PlayStation VR with Rollercoaster Dreams

Rollercoaster Dreams will be a launch title for PlayStation VR.

Themeparks are the epitome of fun all in one place, hair raising rides and junk food what more do you need. Its why most gamers whatever their age will have a some point owned a videogame that lets you’re imagination run riot as you build your own. And this October when the PlayStation VR launches there will be Rollercoaster Dreams, vying for gamers attention amongst all the other launch day titles.

Created by Japanese developer Bimboosoft, Rollercoaster Dreams is a themepark management videogame where players can build their own roller coasters, teacup rides or any other crazy attraction. Fill the park with ice cream parlours, hotdog stands and candyfloss to feed your hungry visitors and keep the park profitable.

That’s the main gameplay mechanic of most titles in this genre, it’s all about careful development, advertisement and staff management. To build the big scary rides you’ll need to start small, ensuring a regular income from tickets and food sales. Price your hotdogs too high and you’ll get angry customers, to low and you won’t make enough cash.

But don’t it too seriously as themeparks are all about having fun. Rollercoaster Dreams features a limitless rollercoaster editor named KALMOF, so that players can make infinite patterns of rollercoasters. Once you’ve finished jump on board a see what it’s like.

Then there’s all the mini-games that are naturally part of any park, but also fully interactive for players to try their hand at. Ride the dodgems, shoot some hoops, pop balloons to win a teddy, race go-karts and much more.

Rollercoaster Dreams has another interesting feature besides riding your own roller coasters in VR, and that’s heading to other players parks. As Hirofumi Hattori, President, Bimboosoft explains on the PlayStation.Blog: “You can play in your own amusement parks, and amusement parks made by players from all over the world!”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of PlayStation VR, reporting back with any new software announcements.

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