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Chemistry Comes Alive In Augmented Reality Crowdfunding Venture Happy Atoms

Schell Games partners to bring “digital and physical” teaching aid to Indiegogo

Methods of education change all the time, sometimes in big leaps and sometimes as an evolution of that which has come before. If you’re an adult the chances are at one time or another you were in a science class, studying chemistry and were working with coloured collecting blocks or balls and sticks to represent the various elements which you then stick together to represent the various molecules. That was then, however a new project now on Indiegogo is looking to bring this up to date with the aid of Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Happy Atoms

Schell Games along with their partners Thames and Cosmos have worked to bring new “digital and physical” educational program Happy Atoms to market that updates the molecule making learning experience using physical representations and marries it with a tablet based AR app that scans the created molecules, recognises them for what they are and unlocks and displays information for the students to discover what they have created. Whilst aimed at older primary or middle school students the makers of Happy Atoms note that it can also be used by older students in order to gain insights into the chemistry process and assist in the making of more complex molecular structures as well.

With a month to go on the campaign at the time of writing, Happy Atoms has secured nearly half (47%) of its $50,000 (USD) target and you can see the innovative idea in action below in the campaign’s promotional video. VRFocus will bring you news and updates about this campaign as we get them.

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