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The Path of Greatest Resistance screenshot 1

Fight for Humanities Survival in The Path of Greatest Resistance

HTC Vive owners can download the title now for a limited time discount.

Launched for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) is week is a first-person shooter from indie developer RealityRig called The Path of Greatest Resistance.

Available through Steam Early Access, The Path of Greatest Resistance is the first commercial release from the studio. Set in a universe where mankind has been wiped from the face of planet Earth by robots, players take the role of one of the last remaining survivors hiding in the outer regions of the solar system.

The Path of Greatest Resistance screenshot 2

Primarily an on-rails shooter The Path of Greatest Resistance also features a jogging mechanic to move, whereby players jog on the spot to move through the levels, which could be the first time this type of mechanic has been trialled in a VR release.

This current early access version features three missions, with each one centred around the semi-procedurally generated map templates. The RealityRig explains the main changes each level has: “The missions primarily differ by which weapons you’re given to accomplish them. In the first mission, you get a pistol and a basic sword/machete. In the second mission, you get a pistol and a sword with better shielding capabilities. In the third mission you dual-wield pistols. Expect more missions with different weapons to come as the game is developed further.”

RealityRig plans on The Path of Greatest Resistance being in early access for around a month, with the final version expected to include six missions in total.

At the moment The Path of Greatest Resistance is running a limited time promotion whereby until 19th July, you’ll be able to get 16 percent off the regular price. At the moment the videogame is available for £1.67 GBP rather than £1.99. As more content is added the regular price may increase to reflect the work put in.

VRFocus will continue reporting on the latest VR releases for Steam as further content is added.

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