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Latest Unity Patch Now Supports Oculus v1.6

Unity continues its VR support for Oculus Rift.

A couple of weeks ago Oculus VR announced the latest version of its retail platform Oculus Home. The update included a bunch of new features including improved downloads and automatic updates. Today Unity Technologies has revealed the latest patch for its middleware development engine Unity, with version 5.3.6p1, which among other things updates to the new Oculus version.

The 5.3.6p1 patch includes various fixes for other parts of Unity but the only virtual reality (VR) related addition is the Oculus update.

Oculus Rift consumer version

With Oculus Home 1.6, the improved download functionality means that users can choose how much bandwidth to use for downloads, while the automatic update function meant that users no longer have to manually download every update launched for the title they own. Other additions were a Coming Soon area, allowing users to be able to see what apps and videogames will be heading to the store, user ratings to tell other gamers what you think about what you play.

And just over a week ago Unity Technologies announced the completion of a Series C funding round, raising $181 million USD to continue its expansion. The company currently has a reported 5.5 million registered developers using the platform, and in Q1 2016 4.2 billion games made in Unity were installed by consumers.

The full change log for version 5.3.6p1 can be seen below, and keep reading VRFocus for all the latest VR news.


VR: Updated to Oculus version 1.6 .


(811596) – Asset Management: Assets added using AssetDatabase.AddObjectToAsset will no longer change their name when the project is saved.

(803481, 807275) – AssetBundles: Fixed an issue where calling Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets while loading an AssetBundle with AssetBundleRequest.LoadAssetAsync caused an error & stopped the asset from being loaded properly

(812396) – Audio: Fixed a crash when/after building for standalone with empty project with several audio clips.

(807653) – IL2CPP: Fixed IPEndPoint on IPv6 network.

(791844) – iOS: Fixed an issue where InputField.onEndEdit was called from an active InputField.

(815735) – iOS: Names for new iOS devices when selecting Unity Remote device.

(759719, 759191, 733920) – Mono: Corrected a number of possible hangs with SSL sockets when the Unity Editor entered and exited the play mode. These hangs often showed up in the AuthenticateAsClient method.

(810551, 810692) – Networking: ReliableFragmented channel stops working after client has disconnected, then reconnects.

(764330) – OS X: Fixed Screen.currentResolution.refreshRate being always 0.

(813872) – Particles: Fixed an issue where playing the scene with more than 270 particle prefabs caused a crash.

(none) – Windows Store: Fixed a potential crash on Xbox One when retrieving advertising id.

(none) – Windows Store: Fixed a rare deadlock when recursively calling InvokeOnAppThread and InvokeOnUIThread many times

(none) – Windows Store: Fixed an assert that happened on startup on Xbox One in debug builds.

(808700) – Windows Store: Fixed touch screen keyboard input not working on UWP.


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