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Luleå University Invests in Virtalis VR Tech

Luleå University makes use of Virtalis tech for its Geology Department.

Virtalis, a virtual reality (VR) company that specialises in helping businesses understand information and data using VR solutions, has announced Sweden’s Luleå University of Technology investment in its hardware and software.

The university’s mining a geological department has purchased a high-end Virtalis ActiveWall 3D/VR display system with GeoVisionary software. The system includes a 6m wide solid Da-Lite screen, two Christie 4K blended rear-projectors and wireless tracking from Intersense. For the audio side Virtalis’ Swedish partner, MindSpace, is supplying the audio/visual elements for the system, including the audio and the AMX control system.


Gustav Jansson, Luleå’s associate senior lecturer in Industrialised Construction, explained: “In both teaching and research within GeoMining we often struggle to understand and communicate the 3D shapes that are in the ground from 2D drawings. VR helps us to visualise. My own specialty is Construction Infrastructure and VR will help us design the most efficient processes whilst maintaining standardisation. Colleagues in Ore Geology, Architecture, Timber Structures, Construction Engineering and Management and Mining Engineering will all benefit from this investment in top spec Virtalis hardware.”

Luleå’s Ore Geology Department has also bought several licences of Virtalis’ GeoVisionary, the specialist software for high-resolution VR visualisation of geological and geoscientific data. “We’ll be using GeoVisionary with our industrial partners, for shape data analysis, linking up with GIS, and for visualising interactive events, such as a blast”, said Jansson.

Luleå University of Technology is Scandinavia’s northernmost university of technology, and a large percentage of the iron ore in Europe is contained within Northern Sweden, putting the institution in an ideal location to build expertise.

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