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Pokémon GO Shows No Sign of Slowing Down in Latest Figures

There’s no mistaking that it is here to stay, and here’s the number to back it up.

It’s not really news to say that Pokémon GO is a massive hit, but the numbers it is bearing are pretty impressive. In one of the latest recordings of data, it shows that Pokémon GO players keep on building up, and they aren’t abandoning the app after download either.

In a report by SurveyMonkey, it has shown that Pokémon GO is much bigger than Twitter in the app world, has already surpassed Google Maps which the game uses to map out the streets, and is coming for other augmented reality (AR) giant, Snapchat. This, by the way, has happened over the past week. There have been around four to five million downloads a day in the US, and you can only imagine the jumps it has been making with new countries getting in on the action, such as Canada most recently.

Pokémon GO

In the report, there is a link to Dan Porter, videogame creator of pictionary app Draw Something, who questions whether or not Pokémon GO will truly last. These numbers that have just emerged are pretty much enough for anyone to agree that it will, and Porter lists off in his articles the reasons why it has been so popular: it has 20 years of legacy that other apps don’t have, it is uniquely social due to people either posting about it or seeing people in real life play, and there are of course achievements that spur on the player.

It’s not only about the abstract numbers, but also the green: the total revenue that Pokémon GO has racked up topples the average for casual games, and even tops the addictive Candy Crush Saga, with a total of around $0.25 (USD) per daily active user. Assuming all of those who have downloaded the app plays at once, we are talking silly money.

“This new data on the way the game engages, retains, and monetizes players suggests it’s not a flash in the pan. If so, not only will groups of trainers standing around with their smartphones in parks be a sight for a while to come, but the market for Pikachu-themed Mclaren supercars.”

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