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Quark Expeditions Take You Into the Antarctic For a 360 Travel Adventure

Meet penguins and gaze upon icebergs in the polar extremity of the world.

Quite often there will be 360 degree and virtual reality (VR) tours of either luxury or historical environments and countries, but Quark Expeditions, not to be confused with the soft cheese, has a different idea with its new app taking users to the Antarctic for a polar adventure with Quark Expeditions Antarctic VR to experience the part of the world rarely travelled.

The user will be guided by Quark’s expedition team through four different narrative throughout the 7th continent of the world, exploring both the wildlife and nature of one of the more mysterious destinations in the world. The four narratives include features such as a Zodiac cruise where you can see the icebergs, stand with the penguins who inhabit the land and water, and kayak in the unspoiled destination.

quark expeditions

Quark Expedition’s expert team consists of scientists, historians, naturalists, and researchers, all who share the passion and love for the Antarctic and educate the users through their journey, both on the land and in the water as you float in ships from place to place. “Immersed in the awe-inspiring Antarctic landscapes from the icy tundra floor to stunning skies, Quark’s 360° virtual voyage is a unique way for polar enthusiasts and adventure travelers to research and plan their Antarctic adventure.”

Quark Expeditions Antarctic VR is available on both Android and iOS, and for iOS there seems to be added quality: ” In stunning 360 4k for iphone6 generation devices and glorious HD for the iphone5 generation, we recommend using iphone6 devices for maximum enjoyment and VR comfort.”. Both downloads are free for users to get on their phones for their Cardboard devices and are now currently available.

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