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Say Yes! Lets Users Try On Engagement Rings Using Simple AR Scanning Tech

Pop the ring on before you pop the question with this app.

There has been plenty of talk about the use of augmented reality (AR) in terms of shopping and trying out clothes, and Try On Guru has implemented this tech in a relatively simple but practical way. With its latest app, Say Yes!, those who are thinking of popping the question don’t need to guess which ring would suit your significant other, and walking from shop to shop has been cut out of the experience.

Say Yes! is an app developed by the Russian-based company, Try On Guru, that uses your phone’s camera to scan the user’s hand to try on over 200 rings that are from Amazon’s online store. Once the user has taken a picture of their hand, they can look through and try on the rings, fitting to their ring finger. The app can then take the user to the store page where the ring is available for purchase here they can buy it if they wish.


In a post on Product Hunt, Artem Kostryukov, CMO and Co-Founder of Try On Guru, said: “In the world of thriving e-commerce and mobile retail people still feel insecure when it comes to buying clothes, accessories and jewelry. Especially jewelry, as it often costs a lot. We’re committed to providing smartphone users with a simple and engaging way of trying on jewelry before ordering it online or in-store. Our image recognition and AR technology scans the photo of your hand and places the ring exactly where it belongs, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of models and brands.”

This isn’t the first AR ring app the company have created, with Shop 4 Rings released earlier this year. This app isn’t as niche as what Say Yes! is, as there are rings suitable for each finger, and for more than one occasion or reason.

The Say Yes! and Shop 4 Rings AR apps are available for iOS, both for free.

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