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Tethered Peep

Secret Sorcery Talk PlayStation VR Launch Title: Tethered

Secret Sorcery discuss their forthcoming PlayStation VR launch title, Tethered.

UK studio Secret Sorcery has lifted the lid on their debut title, the PlayStation VR launch window release of Tethered. Following VRFocus’ world’s first hands-on with Tethered, we sat down to discuss the unique features of the videogame, the launch of the title and the inspiration behind diving head-first into virtual reality (VR) development.

Tethered Peep

Scott Kirkland, Managing Director at Secret Sorcery, took the time to reveal exactly what the key principles of Tethered will be upon release. There’s only so much information that can be drawn from playing through a work-in-progress version of the opening stage of a videogame, and with a strategy title such as Tethered this ethos rings wholly true. Beyond the lightweight training section Tethered promises a devilishly challenging campaign; but how will players be taken to that point?

In the interview below, Kirkland explains the key features of Tethered and how players will interact with their followers in the videogame, known as ‘peeps’. Furthermore, Kirkland discusses the studio ideology and the decision to create their first title as an exclusive-to-VR proposition. The full interview follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Tethered.

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