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SIGGRAPH 2016: Fabric Software To Debut New Canvas Addition ‘Blocks’

Yet more activity from Fabric Software at what is looking like a very busy SIGGRAPH for them.

Fabric Software are already scheduled to be quite busy at this year’s SIGGRAPH already with a planned demonstration in which Fabric will showcase the Fabric for Unreal software and its integration into Unreal Engine 4, as well as an announcement that they will be working with Oculus Story Studio. Along with this however Fabric have just announced that it will be introducing a new visual programming tool which the company believes will be make creation both easier and more dynamic. SIGGRAPH 2016 will mark the debut of the software.

An addition to the existing Canvas visual programming suite, Blocks which will ship with Fabric Engine 2.3 will expand on the existing functionality and Blocks allows users to create solutions they’d previously only been able to envision through writing code.

“Blocks are Canvas graph containers for user-provided functionality within a preset – the “block” inside a “for” loop is literally a Canvas graph. With Blocks, technical directors can create complex presets (either graphically or with code) exposing only the controls that make sense for non-technical users to modify. Users can then modify the preset by filling in the content of the blocks – visually — without needing to know all the details of the preset.” Explains the company in their announcement.

You can see screenshots and a video of the tools in action below.


Fabric Engine 2 Fabric Engine 2 Fabric Engine 2

Commenting on his company’s most recent reveal Fabric Software ‘s CEO Paul Doyle added that, “The goal for Canvas is to make visual programming fun and intuitive, and Blocks delivers on that by providing an elegant mechanism for handling things that used to require coding. Building tools such as custom deformers to meet exotic production requirements is even easier than ever and now no longer something only TDs can do.”

VRFocus will be at SIGGRAPH and will be bringing you news, features and interviews across the week. We will also bring you more updates and information about the work of Fabric Software as it becomes available.

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