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StudioDisrupt! Release Animated VR Film Please State Your Name

The title seems to focus on a sad and lonely robot and there is a short concept trailer.

There are new studios starting up after receiving inspiration to create a virtual reality (VR) film or animation, and one of the newer studios to pop its head up in the VR landscape is StudioDisrupt! VR, and they have already announced and teased an animated film that will be their debut VR piece of work.

The title of the animation is Please State Your Name, and from the looks of the clips and images shared, it centres on a small robot that looks pretty scared and surprised as it appears to be hurling towards a planet that is made up of wasteland and piles of trash. The studio has only posted an 18 second concept trailer, but judging by the quality of the animation it seems to be pretty clean and flows well. There is a longer version of this that can be downloaded via its website, but in order to watch the whole trailer you will have to download Unreal Engine 4 and use either your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, the head-mounted displays (HMD) that the title has been developed for. It doesn’t, however, add much more to what has already been shown, apart from the idea of how well it will look in VR.

please state your name studiodisrupt! VR

One of the developers from StudioDisrupt! VR has written a blog on how he has created this VR film, and how well VR filmmaking has gone generally. Jak Wilmot explains how he has used both Unreal Engine 4 and Cinema 4D. “I’ve heard Unreal Engine referred to as a video game for making video games. I find this extremely accurate, especially the nights you’ll spend screaming at your screen until you kill that boss (aka a bug).

“But seriously, Epic Games have made an amazing engine that’s completely free. The learning curve is fairly intuitive, and you can accomplish what you want with no programming.”

For more on the latest from StudioDisrupt! VR and Please State Your Name, as well as all the news and updates in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.

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