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Brookhaven Mutants_Vive

The Brookhaven Experiment Dev Releases Reactions Video

See how some players have reacted to The Brookhaven Experiment.

Earlier this week Phosphor Games launched its horror shooter The Brookhaven Experiment on the HTC Vive. Since then the videogame has received a ‘very positive’ response from the Steam community for the studios first virtual reality (VR) title. Now the team has released a reaction video from gamers who’ve posted clips online.

The video is split into ‘The 8 Best Ways to Play’ The Brookhaven Experiment, with some comedy moments as players blast away at the monsters, or roll around on the floor screaming.

The Brookhaven Experiment screenshot

Sections like ‘Obviously Behave like a Badass’ show gamers taking on the challenge of disposing of enemies head on, fearlessly armed with a pistol and torch. While the ‘No No No No No No’ part of the video features quite a bit of swearing as the undead hordes start to become a bit too much.

The Brookhaven Experiment is a wave-based shooter where hordes of evil creatures attack players from every direction. Armed with a pistol and torch, there’s a multitude of different enemies to face as they try to survive the night.

Phosphor Games released an update a couple of days after launch with several fixes and improvements that gamers had come across.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Phosphor Games, reporting back with any further updates.

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