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TIGA Awards 2016 Now Open for Entries, Could VR See a Win This Year?

The annual TIGA Awards are now accepting entries for all videogames.

The TIGA Games Industry Awards are running for the fifth time, highlighting some of the best videogame creations. The registrations are now open for titles to be nominated across 35 categories. With virtual reality (VR) now available to consumers for the first time since the awards began, this could be the first year TIGA could award a prize to a VR title.

Of the 35 award categories available, Best Audio Design, Best Visual Design, Most Original Game, Best Debut Game, Best Creative Gameplay and Game Of The Year are the six most hotly contested. The Game Of The Year category is voted for entirely by the public, with last year’s winner netting 30,000 individual votes.

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One VR title that will be nominated is The Assembly by British studio, nDreams. TIGA member and nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh will be entering the VR videogame into the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2016 with the hope of scooping the ceremonies first ever VR win.

“We’re incredibly excited to be submitting our first major VR game, The Assembly, to the TIGA awards. We’re especially proud of the game’s innovative movement mechanics, which we custom built for VR so that players can freely explore the world of The Assembly as easily and as comfortably as in a standard first-person game,” said O’Luanaigh. “We’re also eager to show off all the amazing work we’ve done with positional audio and how it really brings the game’s story to life. Above all, it’s fantastic to see TIGA embracing the exciting changes in gaming that VR has brought and we look forward to seeing dedicated VR categories emerge in the not-too-distant future.”

The 35 award categories are as follows:

  1. Best Action and Adventure Game
    2.     Best Arcade Game
    3.     Best Casual/Social Game
    4.     Best Educational Game
    5.     Best Racing Game
    6.     Best Sports Game
    7.     Best Strategy Game
    8.     Best Role Playing Game
    9.     Best Puzzle Game
    10.   Best Creative Gameplay
    11.   Best Debut Game
    12.   Diversity Award
    13.   Most Original Game
    14.   Best Audio Design
    15.   Best Visual Design
    16.   Best Game by a Small Studio
    17.   Best Art/Animation/Trailer Supplier
    18.   Best Audio Supplier
    19.   Best Education Initiative and Talent Development
    20.   Best Educational Institution
    21.   Best Independent Studio: large
    22.   Best Independent Studio: small
    23.   Best In-house Studio
    24.   Outstanding Leadership Award
    25.   Best Legal Services Supplier
    26.   Best Publisher
    27.   Best QA Provider
    28.   Best Recruitment Agency
    29.   Best Start Up
    30.   Best Tax and Accountancy Firm
    31.   UK Heritage Award
    32.   Best Engines, Middleware, Tools and Technology Award
    33.   Best Technical Innovation
    34.   Outstanding Individual Award
    35.   Game of the Year

If you wish to enter a videogame into one of the above categories head to the TIGA Awards website. The closing date for entries is 23:59 GMT, 12th August 2016. VRFocus will continue its coverage of TIGA, reporting back with any further announcements.

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