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VRDC Reveals The Latest Names Added To Its Advisory Board

Representatives from both the industry and press join the board.

Back in March this year the inaugural VRDC event was held as part and parcel of GDC 2016. The two day event included the chance to discuss and explore all manner of subjects in relation to immersion, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) across both gaming and entertainment. At the time announcing members of it’s advisory board for both event tracks.

Since then VRDC has been spun-off into the latest VR/AR event, with the first stand-alone VRDC being held this November at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, California. Now, as then, VRDC have come forward to reveal the names of some additional members:


Richard Marks, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE):

Founder and team leader of SIE’s research and development team the PlayStation Magic Lab which works to develop new methods of playing and interacting with games.

Robin Hunicke, Funomena:

Funomena’s co-founder, Robin has spent over a decade involved in the art and design of gaming either through teaching in her role of Professor of Art, Games & Playable Media at UC Santa Cruz or through creating game experiences. Robin is also no stranger to GDC as she is the co-organiser of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop.

Ben Lang, Road To VR:

A familiar name to many who are regular readers of VR websites, Ben Lang is the founder of American-based VR news publication Road To VR and is a regular contributor to the VR event circuit.

If you would like to find out more about VRDC as a whole you can do so at http://www.vrdconf.com/. VRFocus will be covering events at VRDC, which lasts from the 2nd to the 3rd of November. Until then, should there be any further developments we will of course keep you up to speed.

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