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WarFire screenshot 1

WarFire Developer Releases New Gameplay Footage

New footage of WarFire’s intense action is released.

Earlier this year VRFocus reported on a new first-person shooter appearing on Steam Greenlight called WarFire. Being developed by Chinese team D&K Games Studio, the videogame supports the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and succeeded in being Greenlit by the Steam community. Now D&K has released a new gameplay video showcasing some of the action sequences.

WarFire seems to be a standard shooting title. Playing as an American soldier gamers get flown into a war zone by helicopter and thrown straight into the action. Starting in an urban location the video showcases some initial sniping action, picking off enemies on rooftops and through windows. Moving inside, its then time for some close quarters action using assault rifles and shotguns.

The action then moves to some jungle ruins with black ski-mask wearing enemies letting off a flurry of bullets, fire and explosions. The footage does portray the firefights as intense kill or be killed experiences. Enemies do tend to just stand there firing relentlessly with no interest in looking for cover or trying to flank the player in anyway.

Alongside Oculus Rift support WarFire also plans to arrive on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox 360 and/or Xbox One. No details have yet been announced when that is likely to occur.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of WarFire, reporting back with any new information.

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