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Wave Magic VR screenshot 2

Wave Magic Seeks Kickstarter Funding Support

The indie team is looking to fund its spell casting title.

Indie developer Overrun Games’ virtual reality (VR) title Wave Magic has recently been Greenlit on Steam, but the team are also looking for further funding. So yesterday the studio launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to raise $7,500 USD for the videogame’s development.

Wave Magic supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs),¬†with a primary focus on making players feel like they’re a mage able to cast spells from their hands. To that end the videogame is aimed at motion controls like those supplied with the Vive or Leap Motion. In terms of the Oculus Rift, gamepad controls have been implemented but support for Oculus Touch is planned in the future.

Wave Magic VR screenshot 1

Gameplay revolves around using magic spells to defeat waves of monsters. Before each round commences players need to choose two spells – one for each hand – to take into battle. There are five to select, Fireball, Earth Wall, Wind Bomb, Flamethrower and Frost Sword, all with their own benefits depending on style of play.

Every ten waves players make it through a boss will appear to provide a tougher challenge. Defeat the boss and three ‘augmentation runes’ will appear. These will help upgrade spells, rejuvenate health, and grant other bonuses to aid in later waves. Once defeated all runes are then lost.

In terms of videogame funding $7,500 is a fairly small amount and the funding tiers start from $1. To secure a copy backers will need to go for the $15 option and above. Overrun Games has also included some interesting higher tiers such as the $750 ‘Make Kody Dance Package’ where programmer Kody Dennis will do a dance of the backers choice.

VRFocus will continue to follow the development of Wave Magic, reporting back with any new progress updates.

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