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ZombieTrigger Seeks Steam Greenlight Support

A single player first person shooter developed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Considering it’s a platform that needs as much good content as possible to continue its growth, the Valve’s Steam Greenlight is a great resource for the virtual reality (VR) development community, offering a place for indie developers to get their projects noticed and receive feedback and support. Often there are some wonderful and original titles to be found there and one new title seeking support from the Greenlight community is ZombieTrigger.

ZombieTrigger is a single player first person shooter developed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The videogame puts players in the year 2030, 30 years after the discovery of mutants. In the game world, most of the mutants have been happy with living with humans, but not all of them. A small group of mutants who believe they’re superior to humans formed a covert organization whose goal was to rule humans by turning them into unconscious bodies. To do this the mutants spread a virus that attacked the human genome and turned anyone infected into an unconscious body leading to the collapse of the human world. However, rather than disappear completely the remaining humans formed an elite group called the zombie hunters who rose up to fight the mutants and find the cure for the virus they spread. Zombie Trigger makes the player one of the top agents in the group and the only hope humanity has to recover.

The title has 10 levels for players to work through, each with its own monster types, from ground-based attackers to those that come from the air and some with their own weapons. Making use of the VR headset’s 360-degree capabilities is important in this title as the attacks could come from anywhere. As well as the standard enemies players will also face two challenging bosses. At the moment the videogame’s weapons arsenal consists of a pistol and two assault rifles which are unlocked as players progress. The developers say that they plan to add more weapon types in later releases and are happy to take any suggestions from fans with regards to what weapons they’d like to see.

The title has some truly fantastic original artwork on the Steam Greenlight page, as well as a trailer that reveals some of the gameplay.

zombie trigger

zombie trigger

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of ZombieTrigger and report any news on the project.

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