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5 Things We Need to Know About PlayStation VR in the Next 50 Days

The days are running out, and we are oh so eager to find out more.

There are exactly 50 days until the launch of the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD), and there’s no doubting that quite a few people are getting excited about it. But, aside from the bigger news, do we really know how it will pan out as a new feature for the PlayStation 4? Below are five points that we are yet to learn in the next couple of months, or at least we hope to.

1 – Will all the launch titles be announced soon?

We have almost lost count of how many titles have been announced for the HMD, but one thing for sure is that there are still a few left to be shared. It was said back in June that PlayStation VR will have over 50 titles available between launch and the end of 2016, but (if our calculations are right), the number falls just below or scrapes around 50 titles for that time scale. On top of that, will the prices in fact change, just as RIGS: Mechanised Combat League seems to have done now that it has recently dropped by £5 on the PlayStation Store?

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2 – How will the trophies pop up?

As has been discussed before, especially with the PlayStation VR title Battlezone, words on the screen in VR does not work out too well and so developers have been looking up different ways in which they can incorporate written information. This will have to include trophy notifications throughout gameplay, as they cannot pop up in the same way as they do now. It may seem like a small point, but it is something that could give a VR title a really effective finish if pulled off smoothly.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) has been engaging in highlighting various titles each week until the launch of the HMD, starting with PlayStation VR Worlds, and one of its insights into the title is that it will have trophies. This will come down to each developer, but it will be especially interesting with a title like PlayStation VR Worlds with varied experiences, and therefore differing themes.

3 – Will the user interface be affected?

This depends on how much PlayStation will integrate its VR titles with the rest of its games. Will they show up alongside the rest when you venture into your games menu? Will it look different, just as with the thumbnails in the store?

It could be interesting to see how it turns out if it isn’t integrated, and if there is a whole different section, or a mix like we see in Steam.

4 – Will there be a minimum age?

Okay, we will admit, this is something that we have mentioned quite a few times this month, but it is so relevant. Not only does this apply to the titles themselves, but this is more of a nod towards the HMD itself. Most of the major HMDs out right now have a minimum age limit – the Oculus Rift being 13+ – and by the rate that the age classifications are going for some of its titles, it would make sense that there is a certain stopping point. If only for the practicality of wearing the HMD.


5 – What’s next?

There has been a great amount of effort put into the launch of the PlayStation VR HMD, with it being SIE’s main concentration at some of the biggest videogame events this year. However, we are left wondering how SIE will push forward the legacy of PlayStation VR. Will this be a let’s see how it goes type of deal, or will there be specific plans in place that we simply have no idea about to expand the HMD beyond our wildest dreams?

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