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Quanero screenshot

Become a Neo Noir Detective in Quanero, Now Free for HTC Vive

There’s been a crime in a bar downtown. Grab your time manipulation abilities and get to work, detective.

Quanero VR has launched its debut virtual reality (VR) title, Quanero, now available as a free download for HTC Vive. Placing the player in the role of a detective, you are tasked with getting to the root of a violent crime in a futuristic bar with the aid of time manipulation abilities.

Quanero screenshot

During Quanero, players will explore the scene through slow, reverse and time pause abilities, unlocking a branching story as they attempt to find the guilty party. Quanero is designed for VR head-mounted displays (HMDs), currently available for HTC Vive with the team considering an Oculus Rift release also, though can be played on a traditional monitor also.

“The possibility of experiencing stories in virtual reality offers completely new challenges to the art of storytelling. The traditional work of directing and the function of the cameraman have to be reconsidered completely, as the player is able to choose his point of view and position,” state Quanero VR. “VR technology enables you to feel like you’re in this futuristic bar, partaking in a brawl or a drug deal and finding yourself in a spectacular explosion with debris raining down on you.”

Quanero was created by students from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg’s MultiMediaArt and MultiMediaTechnology degree program. The content was created using Unreal Engine 4, with several 3D applications and textured with the help of substance painter and designer. The believable character interaction was developed with the aid of professional actors and digitised with a motion capture system.

Quanero screenshot

Quanero is currently available to download via Steam for free, playable on HTC Vive and a traditional monitor. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Quanero, including that potential Oculus Rift edition of the experience.

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