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Björk to Release Multiple VR Experiences as She Tours

The first experiences are in London, with more to come as she goes from city to city.

Earlier this year Björk claimed to have made the world’s first virtual reality (VR) album with the HTC Vive, where she released VR videos that complemented her latest album. Now, she is carrying on the trend and releasing many, many more VR instalments as she tours around.

It was shared on Björk’s Facebook profile that she has already created four VR videos that are ready to be released, and she will go on to release more with every city she visits, starting with London.


Although it wasn’t in VR, Björk delivered the conference to announce this in real-time as she was reimagined in 3D using Unity.

On the post, Björk talked about how technology is enabling women to work outside the hierarchical system, and how technology personally helped her. She went on to say (all grammatical errors her own): “VR is helping making a new stage free of politics where sound and vision is swirling free in 360 fully liberated . i found vulnicura a helpful material to work in VR because of its old fashioned heartbreak saga , the narration in it is the most stubborn of my albums so i felt it could take on the experimentation of where VR is now . benefitted from 2016-ing it . and because of vulnicuras one singular selfpitying voice to work with many directors gave it more point of views.”

If you are in London, you can check out the debut of Björk’s Digital Exhibit at Somerset House starting on 1st September.

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