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Chinese Studio Oasis Games Have Five PlayStation Launch Titles

There will be a banana archery, creepy horror, colourful pixel shooter, scary room escape, and space dogfight to enjoy in October.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has been quite selective when it comes to allowing developers create games for its PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) that will be coming out in October, but one studio has had the opportunity to create five different titles for its release.

Oasis Games, a Chinese publishing partner of Sony Computer Entertainment Shanghai (SCES), has shared its five titles that will be coming to PlayStation VR for 13th October on the PlayStation Blog. Each of these titles seem to differ a fair amount from each other, and range from survival horrors to playful pixelated shooters.

Pixel Gear

“Oasis Games is creating a wide range of fun titles for PlayStation VR, as shown in our launch lineup that ranges from colorful arcade archery to spooky horror to 3D pixel shooter,” said Alen Wu, business director for Oasis Games in a press release. “We are proud to have so many titles slated for the launch window, more than any other publisher, and this is a testament to our commitment to providing entertaining experiences for the global PS VR audience.”

Ace Banana is the first title detailed, and it puts the player into the shoes of a Banana Archer protecting their stash of bananas against cheeky monkeys trying ot grab at your goods. Using your Move controllers, you will simulate using a bow and arrow to impale the primates in both single and multiplayer.


The next title shouldn’t be mistaken by its screenshot featured on the blog post, as it is much more sinister, but in a way that makes it seem chaotic good. Weeping Doll is a story-driven horror adventure where dolls come to life, animated by angry thoughts when their children owners are wronged. Players will work through puzzles as an abused girl’s doll takes revenge on her parents.

Pixel Gear lightens the mood from the previous title as it is a pixelated colourful 3D shoot ’em up with wacky cartoon monsters and ghost enemies. Objects will be interactive, and weapons can be upgraded to slow down time.

Another scary one comes from Oasis Games with Dying: Reborn, but it is more familiar to us as it is an escape the room kind of title – only with more scary features than usual.

And finally, Mixip is an arcade space shooter where you control two ships at once, dodge heavy fire, upgrade your weapons, and take down bosses.

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