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Crytek Move To Support CRYENGINE Indie Development With Million-Dollar Dev Fund

If you use CRYENGINE and you want some support your time to act is running out.

Small developers who are looking to secure funding have a limited time to do so courtesy of CRYENGINE creators Crytek’s CRYENGINE Indie Development Fund.

Those wanting to apply for the chance to get some financial backing have until September 9th to apply for a potential slice of a $1,000,000 (USD) pot which has been dedicated by Crytek to help creators with bold visions who are using CRYENGINE. First grants are scheduled for the end of September with additional grants made every three months afterwards. Applicants can also make a case for why they should receive money through a new showcase on the CRYENGINE website.


Eligability for Crytek’s program is dependant on no prior deals existing in relation to game development with another party and a game project being actively developed at this time.

“The Indie Development Fund is our way of supporting developers who have the creativity and talent, but perhaps not that little bit of financial backing that can make all the difference.” Explained George Scotto, CRYENGINE’s Business Development Director. “Every day we see our community do awesome and unexpected things with CRYENGINE, and with this fund we will support the most innovative and inspiring work. We’re very excited by the applications we’ve already received, and we can’t wait to help developers achieve their vision, whether on established platforms or the new generation of virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs).”

VRFocus will bring new on any VR-related grant recipients in September.

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