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World War Toons Christmas

Dance To Victory With World War Toons Special Abilities

Reload Studios reveal a new gameplay trailer showing a whole platoon’s worth of special moves.

War is hell, but playing it in virtual reality (VR) need not be. At least that is the mentality of Reload Studios, creators of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR title World War Toons. A title that continues to show promise as well as laughs.


Earlier this month Reload revealed an Open Beta for the first-person shooter (FPS) would take place this October and would feature a Capture the Flag style level. Reload would then before unveiling a fresh batch of screenshots showing the cartoon armies in action. Now however the studio is now focusing on other gameplay elements, namely some of the special abilities that the various classes can unlock.

A Soldier class character is able to drop a limited time health pack in the form of a picnic basket – or a ‘pik-a-nik basket’ in this instance. An Officer is able to channel their inner Vaslav Nijinsky to ballet dance to safety – or use it to dodge bullets like a 1940’s Neo. Other classes shown include the Sniper which can utilise an exploding decoy to distract opponents. You can see the abilities in action as well as pre-Beta gameplay in general in the trailer below.

The title, announced as free to play in May is set to launch on October 13th 2016 as a PlayStation VR launch title.

VRFocus will continue to report on World War Toons‘ progress and will bring you any further announcements.

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