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Give it All You’ve Got in Guardian War VR For HTC Vive

This is what button smashing looks like in VR.

When developing for virtual reality (VR) there is always the thought that the gameplay needs to consist of precise actions for the fullest experience, especially when using the HTC Vive motion controllers. However, it seems as though Guardian War VR has gone for a more melee type of gameplay in this fighting title.

The story that gives all of this VR-button smashing some context is that the world is invaded by Ourora, and evil force, during the war that is going on. In order to escape their power, the Warriors are called upon to find a way to resist the evil in the holy land. These warriors are the players, and they have to do everything to keep evil from winning.

guardian war

In this multi-role title, players can choose a class to play as: Orc Warrior and Gaosa, Human Mage Rocca, Human Priest Fyvie, and Dwarf Gunman Mcmub.

There will also be a variety of monsters and evil enemies that you will have to defeat through this title, and each of them will have a diverse way of attacking you. In the trailer, it shows that there is no shortage of explosive carnage around you as you fight on the boat you were travelling on to get to the holy land. It seems that you should wave around your motion controllers erratically to achieve the most damage.

Guardian War VR is available for the HTC Vive for a discounted price of £6.29 (GBP), 10% less than the full price tag of £6.99 until 31st August.

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