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Google to Debut Daydream in the Next Few Weeks

According to a report collating voices across the industry, Google is putting a lot into the Daydream.

Over the past week there has been plenty of momentum building for the launch of PlayStation VR, especially with the weekly spotlight of each PlayStation VR title that Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe is doing. However, there is another head-mounted display (HMD) right round the corner that we are getting equally excited for, and that’s Google’s Daydream, which is said to be debuted in the next few weeks.

According to a report by Bloomberg where it collates various quotes and nuggets of info from those who are working with Google for the mobile-based HMD, Google is placing down a lot of investment in content to get ready for its debut “in the coming weeks”.

Daydream HMD

It was also shared that the update to Android software that supports Daydream came out this Monday, and so it is said that as new Android phones are released, Daydream will be introduced.

To give a bit more of an idea into how much Google is investing, it was also reported that Google is spending “high six figures” on videogames, and “low five figures to low six figures” for video content online and general films. In layman’s terms, they’re shelling out a couple hundred thousand to ensure they will be the leading mobile VR platform.

VRFocus will make sure to keep up with the developments in these coming weeks if Google’s Daydream HMD does get debuted at some point, Until then, make sure to check back for all the news, updates, and features in the world of VR.

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