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HoloLens Multiplayer Demo Revealed

HoloLens multiplayer gameplay is coming…

The HoloLens is still very early on it’s path to consumer release, and while videogames aren’t considered the primary aspect of it’s use case portfolio there remain many working on entertainment experiences for the head-mounted display (HMD). One such developer is Imran Shafiq, who has now revealed his work on multiplayer gameplay for the device.


Shafiq has previously shown a number of his HoloLens videogame projects, including Holo Tankz and Holo Raid. This latest reveal isn’t specific to one title however, but rather technology that will be applicable to many as Shafiq has showcased a project in which multiplayer gameplay is available for HoloLens devices through peer-to-peer communication opposed to via a server.

HoloLens already has a number of videogame titles available for download, including a reprise of Rare’s cult classic Conker franchise and Project X-Ray, a beta testing title now known as Roboraid. More videogame titles will undoubtedly follow prior to the consumer release of the HMD.

The HoloLens currently remains a development kit with no consumer release having yet been announced. However, the device is more accessible than ever now stocked at retail outlets. The video for Shafiq’s multiplayer demo follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest advancements in HoloLens technology.

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