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Island 359 - T-RexRoars

It’s Time to Hunt Some Dinosaurs on Island 359

The dinosaur hunting title has arrived on Steam Early Access.

Today indie developer CloudGate Studio has launched its first virtual reality (VR) title for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), Island 359. The Steam Early Access title puts players into a dinosaur filled jungle, and along with the videogame launch the studio has also released a brand new trailer.

Island 359 is geared towards maximum carnage, in a kill or be killed scenario. Dropped into a jungle island filled with dinosaurs that want to hunt you, players take on the role of a skilled mercenary whose mission is simple, kill as many dinosaurs as possible to earn as much money as possible before leaving, although escaping might not be that easy.

Island 359 - RaptorsOnTable

Armed with an assortment of weaponry, from ranged pistols, rifles and SMG’s, to close quarters knifes, baseball bats and explosives, choosing the right loadout for the job is critical to success as your backpack isn’t bottomless. To gain the biggest cash rewards you’ll need to kill the biggest dinosaurs, but to do that will take thought out tactics and strategies in order to preserve health and stamina for the long fight ahead. Loot drops can also be gained providing health and resources but only when certain kill milestones are reached.

There are a variety of dinosaurs to hunt, each with its own style of attack responding to your actions in different ways. These include Raptors, Allosaurus, Compsognathus and T-Rex. The smaller Compy’s may run away, hide, to come back in greater numbers while the Raptors could instantly counterattack to defend themselves.

Island 359 is available to download now for $19.99 USD through Steam Early Access, and as development progresses VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.

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