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Life In 360°: One Small Step For Robot, One Giant Leap For VR

Check out the panoramic view from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, including Murray Buttes.

One of the more talked about 360 videos that has popped up this week is that of NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, which makes viewing things in 360 out of this world accurate in more than one way. Despite there being quite a lot blacked out throughout the video, what we can see is something to behold – even if it is really just a cluster of beige rocks.

Although this isn’t strictly a 360 video, as it is described more as a panoramic still, you cannot deny that it is a pretty incredible thing to be able to nose around a planet you have never visited (and probably will never, either). Looking around, annotations to pop up to tell you what you are actually looking at, as it is quite literally alien to us, and the main feature that this is filmed is ‘Murray Buttes’ – a dark mound that can be seen over the rover’s arm.

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