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Minecraft For PC and Mobile Gets Two New Bosses In Latest Update

It has been released as a public beta for Android for now, with the full version for all other platforms to come later this year.

A lot has been happening with Minecraft and its compatability with virtual reality (VR) platforms, with the announcement of its Windows 10 VR update. It has now been reported that Minecraft players will get two new bosses for both mobile and PC – including all VR versions.

In a report by VentureBeat, it was detailed that these two bosses will be appearing in the iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Gear VR versions of the title, and today a public beta has been set up for Android. As for the full version for all platforms, it will release “sometime this fall”. The battles themselves will use slash commands, where the player can type in phrases to bring up either monsters or items from their inventory.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition

In the press release that Microsoft sent the news site, the company shares what it aims to do for the future of Minecraft: “Our goal is for every version of Minecraft to have full feature parity with one another, and this update brings the Windows 10 Edition and Pocket Edition even closer,”

“Also, for those who think that Minecraft is just a game about building things with blocks, try taking a dose of these two boss battles.”

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