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NVIDIA Quadro image 1

NVIDIA & VMware Take VR Graphics Photo-realistic At VMworld 2016

One more step towards an experience that looks ‘real’.

One of the biggest concerns about virtual reality (VR) for many is how it looks. This is somewhat understandable bearing in mind that a lot of what goes towards your immersion is based on what you’re seeing. Graphics are seen as important. One of the community comments VRFocus received when reporting on the news that Minecraft play was to become unified across platforms, including the Gear VR was that VR should not be showing such ‘low quality’ graphics as presented in the Minecraft series. Graphics getting better are the amongst the steps moving towards a true holodeck experience and are required in order to create more immersive content.

It’s a tricky developmental slope to climb, however at VMworld 2016 NVIDIA and VMware will be showing off their latest efforts in getting to that goal debuting a VMware virtual environment with immersive, photo-realistic VR. The four technologies demos will shown on four virtual machines operating off a quartet of NVIDIA’s Quadro GPUs and VMware ESXi.

NVIDIA Quadro image 1

The technologies on show include:taking a spin through the following technologies:

Iray VR: “Iray physically based rendering produces dynamic panoramas and fully immersive light fields with stunningly realistic virtual environments. Strap on a headset and explore photorealistic virtual environments in VR.”

Point Cloud: “Check out time-lapse rendering created with point cloud showing the building of NVIDIA’s spectacular new building in Silicon Valley.”

VRED VR: “Participate in a collaborative VR design review of a Formula 1 race car created with Autodesk VRED 3D visualization software.”

VMWorld 2016 US is currently underway and ends this Thursday, September 1st 2016. VRFocus will bring you additional information as it becomes available.

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