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PlayStation VR is Reported as the Fastest Selling Item in GameStop’s History

Can you believe that it took literally five minutes?

We all know that the pre-orders for PlayStation VR sold out pretty fast when it came in waves, but GameStop experienced something more than it ever has – its fastest sellout in the history of the store.

According to DualShockers, GameStop shared what had happened during the second quarter of its financial year, and a lot of its concentration went on Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), particularly the fact that the PlayStation VR sold out in “literally five minutes”.

PlayStation VR Header 7

If you were expecting to get a hold of the PlayStation VR after its release in hopes of stocks to be built back up, then you would be wrong, as it was also shared that stocks during the autumn and winter months are expected to be “very limited”.

But, if after hearing that you think you should go elsewhere for stores that could have more stock, it was also shared that SIE has a special partnership with GameStop where they have an additional given amount of PlayStation VRs because of the offer of trade credit, the first-to-know list, pre-order benefits, and Power-Up reward credits.

The PlayStation Neo was in fact mentioned amongst all of this, but it is reported that they claim to not know too much, and are looking forward to 7th September when SIE holds its PlayStation Conference.

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