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Real-Time Strategy Videogame Korix Announced For PlayStation VR

Choose your moves carefully and fight back to survive the genocide your people have suffered.

Korix, developed by StellarVR, first came about as an Oculus Rift DK2 experiment, but now it has been announced as a full title for PlayStation VR.

This title is compared to older, or “retro”, real-time strategy (RTS) titles with tower defence elements to give the same feeling as titles from the 90s – except it is in VR. The trailer below shows the style and design of the videogame, where the player acts as the commander with the sole mission of surviving after your home world is destroyed, taking the fight back to the enemy. What is also shown in the trailer below is the use of the PlayStation Move controllers, giving full range of tracked movement.

Korix Screenshot

There are a few different modes players can enjoy, including three to five hour campaigns, skirmish modes, and online multiplayer of up to two to four players in co-op or versus. The title also runs at 90 frames per second (FPS) and promises to be a “silky-smooth experience”

Mark Taylor, Lead Developer for Korix at StellarVR, described how the idea for the title: “Korix was born when I was stuck on a delayed flight and playing a simple but addictive mobile strategy game and thought to myself “there really should be more of these games on console”.

“We had a lot of fun creating Korix and hope to see you (literally) in the game!”

The release date for Korix is still yet to be confirmed, as well as the price.

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