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Rebellion Co-Founder and Creative Director Details New Battlezone Features

Jason Kingsley tells us what was exactly revealed in the trailer from yesterday.

Yesterday Rebellion released a new gameplay trailer for its arcade tank shooter virtual reality (VR) reboot, Battlezone. Along with the release of the trailer, which featured quite a few new exciting developments, the studio’s Co-founder and Creative Director took to PlayStation’s blog to explain what exactly has been added.

Jason Kingsley took this moment to express how excited he was about PlayStation’s partnering with Rebellion last week, and how the title will come as a boxed retail version as well as digital.

battlezone new features

Kingsley listed “five things you didn’t now about Battlezone” which we could gather roughly from the trailer. What these five things are exactly are new enemies, different tanks, more guns, special equipment, and chances to expand either your mission, location, or turn of events.

The new enemies that are detailed by Kingsley range from “the iconic Heavy Tanks to the shoal-like flying Swarms and the smaller, nimble Scout, which packs a nasty rapid-fire laser machine gun.” As we as these, there is also a Minelayer.

Although there has only been one tank showcased that is playable, it has come now that there is more than one tank to try out: “Not only do they feature varied, customizable load-outs, but they also have different attributes: some tanks are more heavily armored, others speedier or more maneuverable.”

With these other tanks will of course come new weapons, and it is teased that there are “many weapons”, including a multi-lock-on launcher and a booming artillery gun.

This special equipment sounds very mysterious and almost ominous, but what this actually means is a purple-glowing items which gradually corrodes enemies caught in its radius.

And lastly, there are hexes which players can select to give more layers to the gameplay, rather than just being a first-person tanker title. When selected, these hexes can either be new missions, locations, or even events.

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