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Resolution Games’s VR Fishing Title Bait! Receives New Level and Fish

After its fantastic success of over 700k downloads, there needed to be a couple upgrades.

Make sure not to call this a fishing simulator, as Bait! promises much more – including fictional wildlife, simple controls, and “big, bombastic art style” to lure in those who don’t even like fishing in real life. There is now a new destination added to the title, as well as 10 new fish.

The new level is called Treehouse River, but the 10 new species of fish have not been specified. The whole idea of the title is for the player to be transported to Bait! Island where they must catch rare fish for their boss and save the failing aquarium they work in. There are now five different lakes, all with different types of fish to try and catch. “Whether new to fishing, VR and even games or a seasoned anglers and game enthusiasts, Bait! is an unmatched experience for anyone.”


The reason for this new level and expansion of the title comes from the success it has experiences since launch, as Bait! has exceeded 700,000 downloads on the Samsung Gear VR.

“We are very excited about the interest in Bait! from the VR and games communities, and even the general public. We’ve had lots of requests for more content and we’re hoping Treehouse River is just the beginning as we expand the game and explore new destinations and fish species to add,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and Co-Founder of Resolution Games in a press release. “We think the virtual anglers in Bait! will find Treehouse River just as serene and exciting of an environment as they pursue all the newly added fish.”

Bait! is currently free for the Samsung Gear VR in the Oculus VR Store, and the new location is available as an in-app purchase.

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