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PlayStation 4 Slim leaked photo

Rumoured PlayStation 4 Slim Console to Support PlayStation VR

Could the PlayStation 4 Slim rumours be true? If so, PlayStation VR support is assured.

Rumours regarding a new version of the PlayStation 4 console, the ‘PlayStation 4 Slim’, have begun circulating today following a posting of a unit for sale by a user of Gumtree. The current crop of images, if true, clearly state that this new system will support the forthcoming PlayStation VR.

The original listing offered two photographs of the box and since then a whole slew of new images of the system have appeared on Neogaf. Most interesting for VRFocus readers however, is a small image on the back of the box in one of the original photos.

PlayStation 4 Slim leaked photo

Clearly displaying a PlayStation VR stock photo along with the thematic aesthetic displaying a simple ‘PlayStation VR Ready’ slogan, this new PlayStation 4 Slim will reportedly support the forthcoming head-mounted display (HMD) in the same fashion as all existing PlayStation 4 consoles.

There’s currently no confirmation as to whether or not the rumours, and indeed the images on this page, are genuine. However, the evidence is beginning to mount up. The current suggestion is that the PlayStation 4 Slim is set to launch on 14th September 2016 – one month prior to the PlayStation VR launch – which is a week later than a scheduled Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) press conference.

Whether or not these rumours turn out to be true – given that SIE has already confirmed that the previously leaked PlayStation 4 Neo is in fact in development – VRFocus will be sure to keep you updated with any and all impact this will have on the forthcoming PlayStation VR HMD.

PlayStation 4 Slim leaked photo PlayStation 4 Slim leaked photo PlayStation 4 Slim leaked photo PlayStation 4 Slim leaked photo PlayStation 4 Slim leaked photo

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