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Square Enix Releases Deus Ex GO Today Following Hitman GO VR Edition, and it Raises Some Speculation

Will this also go to VR? Was Hitman GO VR Edition just an experiment?

This year saw Hitman GO turn from a regular traditional videogame to a virtual reality (VR) title. Now Square Enix, who released Hitman GO: VR Edition, has also released Deus Ex GO, and so it raises the question: could this become a VR title too?

The gameplay is very much the same as Hitman GO, a turn-based puzzle where players must infiltrate, but all in a similar style to the popular Deus Ex Universe. Looking at Hitman GO: VR Edition, it took three months from when it released as an android version to when it progressed as a VR version. There is a chance, just if we look at how seamless Square Enix made the VR transformation seem, for them to take the same steps with Deus Ex GO.

deus ex go

Deus Ex GO takes the same features as Hitman GO essentially, with multiple story levels, puzzle hacking, and the infiltration of areas while avoiding enemies. However, it is said that Square Enix Montreal is designing a new feature where players can expand and customise their own experience by making their own puzzles. This feature could prove difficult to translate into VR, but if there is a way around this then there is no reason why

But do note – this is simple speculation and a slight bit of expectation mixed with hope. If this title follows suit, then it would most probably offer the same as Hitman GO, as VRFocus has reviewed: “The viewpoint is no longer static, with the player able to lean around the environment, surveying the action from whichever angle they believe will give them the best perspective. On the Samsung Gear VR, the head-look functionality and touchpad can be used for the entirety of the videogame’s commands (though a bluetooth control pad is recommended), while on Oculus Rift the Xbox One controller or Oculus Remote allow perfectly adequate input.”

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