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Starbreeze Expand for John Wick & OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead VR Games

Starbreeze expand their offices to accommodate further VR development plans.

Starbreeze has made no secret of the fact that they are looking towards virtual reality (VR) to expand their business, in particular with the out-of-home sector. The StarVR head-mounted display (HMD) and OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead videogame has impressed many, but it’s the forthcoming John Wick videogame that has rung home with VR aficionados. The company is aware of the disparate views and is expanding accordingly to maximise the impact of the VR initiatives.

Star VR / StarVR HMD

“As we evolve our business, so must our organisation. Our presence in Los Angeles is now more important for our VR and business development teams than ever. LA being the entertainment and VR hub of the western world, the home to our pilot IMAX VR Center and with its proximity to Silicon Valley, is now a true base of operations for our technical- and business development-teams. The investment we’ve made in both the office and the people has been crucial to our continued success and have paid off several times over,” stated CEO Bo Andersson Klint in recent company communications. “As we progress the company, we’re optimising the use of our resources and are refining every aspect. In LA the VR team is being transformed from a prototype team to a developer relations and research and development team. To head this effort we have made a key recruitment in Brooks Brown, our newly appointed Global Director of VR. Brooks have had many successful years in the gaming industry with Lucas Arts, as well as leading digital development at James Cameron’s Lightstorm during the past few years. With his extensive entertainment experience, he will be a great asset to Starbreeze continued success.”

However, it’s not just LA in which Starbreeze are expanding their VR efforts. The studio in Stockholm has also increased its physical presence to allow more developers to collaborate  on the project.

“With an increase of team size for VR production of John Wick and for OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead the development of these are moved to Stockholm where we add another 1,500 square meters of office space to make room for our new co-workers,” Andersson Klint added. “While production of our games are running on track, we’re continuously evaluating the best go to market strategy for Geminose and looking to maximize the impact of John Wick in VR.”

John Wick: The Impossible Task

No release dates have yet been announced for any of Starbreeze’s VR projects, however VRFocus has already been hands-on with both OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead and John Wick, the latter of which particularly impressing in a hands-on assessment. VRFocus will keep you updated with all of Starbreeze’s VR initiatives.

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