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The Brookhaven Experiment screenshot

The Brookhaven Experiment is Coming to PlayStation VR

The title will be coming with a few tweaks to make sure it continues “scaring the heck out of you”.

There is an incredible amount of excitement generated for the previously HTC Vive-only title, The Brookhaven Experiment. It has now been confirmed that the traditional horror title will be coming to PlayStation VR, too.

Speaking about the move, the Project Lead of development studio Phosphor Games, Jarod Pranno, shared how The Brookhaven Experiment is coming to PlayStation VR after its success so far, and went into the new lessons the studio has learnt through developing for VR, such as how the camera movement affects immersion: “We decided early on that the player camera for our game should be entirely controlled by the headset, so as to eliminate any disconnect and not disturb immersion. This is now a common choice for VR games, but it does put limits on the bag of tricks we developers have come up with over the years in terms of player animation and camera effects communicating important information to the player.”


Other lessons included adapting a less movie-like set of graphics and something more realistic, and how different our perspective of objects is in VR compared to movies.

As well as the more technical bits, the overall enjoyment of the title has been enhanced, too: “Although we did some very interesting prototypes of inventory management, in the end we decided to keep our inventory as simple as possible so we could focus on the real core of our experience: shooting, explosions and cool monsters scaring the heck out of you! In the final version of the game, inventory management, including choice of gun, attachments, buffs and throwables, is done between waves.”

Phosphor has already expressed its enjoyment of watching reaction videos, and the studio is excited to see the experience spread to PlayStation VR: “Our original hunch was that a simple, polished and fun experience, combining a fear of the dark with truly scary monsters would be an unforgettable first Virtual Reality encounter. We turned out to be right, and we are excited for all the soon-to-be PSVR owners out there to have this experience and share it with their friends and family!”

It hasn’t been stated when it will be coming, but VRFocus will keep you up to date with it. For more on the latest for The Brookhaven Experiment, as well as all the news, updates, and features in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.

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