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Toon Ocean VR Opens Up An Underwater World For Kids On HTC Vive

There aren’t too many child-friendly underwater titles, but this one fills that space.

There isn’t too much on the market for children when it comes to virtual reality (VR) for a good few reasons (the price of the hardware for one and age restrictions for two), but now there is a way that kids can get in on the VR hype with Toon Ocean VR.

This underwater location isn’t unfamiliar for those who have tried out VR head-mounted displays (HMD), as there are a number of titles that indulge it, including PlayStation VR World‘s Ocean Descent. Those other titles, however, do not have a very child-friendly themes to them, which is where Toon Ocean VR steps in as a good substitute.

toon ocean vr 2

There are several features listed for this title, including a virtual pet turtle who you can play with, an experience where you can throw pearls into shells. There are also two passive experiences that don’t require the controller, so the child can look around and relax in a fun surrounding.

There are two types of activation for Toon Ocean VR, which are parental on screen, where the adult can start up and control the experiences through the PC rather than giving the children the responsibility to play around with it, but also regular in-VR menu selection, for those who can be trusted to choose what they please.

Toon Ocean VR is available at a discounted price of £3.59 (GBP), 10% less than the original tag of £3.99, which will last until 3rd September.

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