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VR Here Arcade Opens Up in Liverpool Using HTC Vives

Try out the HTC Vive in 30 minute slots, and there’s even a Groupon discount.

There are a number of virtual reality (VR) arcades popping up all over the place, and now there is one in the north of England in Liverpool, VR Here has opened up.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the way that the VR Here arcade works is players get 30 minute sessions from £20 (GBP) in custom-made VR rooms, and they are even on Groupon right now from £13. There are many experiences available to try out, including: The Longbow, Xortex 26XX, The Slingshot, Body Scan, Solar System, Postcards and Destinations, Spellfighter VR, and even Space Pirate Trainer.

vr here logo

In an interview with the newspaper, Leszek Grzyl, co-founder of the arcade with his girlfriend Renata Plizga, said: “Computers have been my lifelong passion, I have been building PC from parts since I was 12 and have had every generation of PC from Intel 286 to current Skylake CPU based computers.

“I love all things technical, I drive an electric car, have solar panels at my house and I am full time environment geek.

“I have been dreaming up this business since I tried the first prototype of Oculus Rift in 2014, but only when Vive came out with its room scale gaming I have realised that this could be commercially viable.”

They are working to get licenses for Vivecraft, Audioshield, Zombie Training Simulator, and Water Bears VR.

VR Here is on 1 Paul Street, Vauxhall is open Monday to Friday, 7pm to 11pm by reservation only and Saturday and Sunday, 2pm to 11pm by reservation and walk-in.

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