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VR Moments: The Bear Complexities

A Twitter tale of VR development and the unexpected problems of immersion.

When it comes to our VR Moments features you never quite know what you’re going to get until the day. Sometimes it is something that we from VRFocus have seen, or had happen to us. Sometimes it can be an observation, a revelation that we’ve had. One that can even be had whilst outside of virtual reality (VR). Other times it is not us that have had either the act of immersion or revelation and we have a guest writer explain what had previously occurred. It may even be like last week’s column and have something of a historical slant. The last option is the one we see arguably the least, that’s a story that’s been shared on social media and that we’ve come across. This is also where today’s story of total immersion comes from; courtesy of VR game developer @PunchesBears.

It should be confirmed before we begin that no bears were actually harmed during this particular series of events. To confirm such here are some of said bears dancing.

Got that? The bears are good. Or ‘the bears are in the woods’ if you wanted to say it like it was some sort of secret spy code. Actually as it happens it was more that the bears caused @punchesbears harm and triggered off a number of conversations.

It all began with a VR experiment…



Oh dear. Still these are some of the problems you face when developing, or so I’m told. Admittedly, “I was chased by a giant bear” isn’t readily in my memory as one of these issues. The entire chain of events certainly had others amused though.

Some required additional explanation as to just why the fridge had gotten involved.


There were some helpful suggestions made as well, although some would surely just make the problem worse?

And a degree of sympathy, especially due to scale problems.

Ultimately though this event did lead to some developmental changes.


But it’s the internet, and you can never please everyone…

One problem is sorted though. Fridges and dev faces are saved and so @punchesbears could successfully moved on with no more problems to solve that-



And the process of VR development goes on.

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