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War Thunder - Road to Glory

War Thunder: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

War Thunder features 40 Steam Achievements to unlock.

Developer Gaijin Entertainment’s popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) World War 2 themed title, War Thunder puts players in team based battles that not only feature tanks but also allow players to take to the skies with some old-school dog-fighting. The title has featured virtual reality (VR) support for sometime as various development kits have been released. There are 40 Steam Achievements to unlock and VRFocus has the full list below.  

War Thunder supports both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs), and recently Gaijin Entertainment released a new update adding more tanks planes, updated vehicle models and much more.

War Thunder - Road to Glory_1

Full Achievement List:


Vengeful Spirit

Destroy a player’s vehicle while being dead


Element of Surprise

Capture an enemy strategic point with hostile team players in direct vision


Treasure Hunter

Open 10 chests



Destroy 2 players’ vehicles while your vehicle’s on fire



Destroy 30 players’ vehicles by setting them afire


Accurate Fire

Get ‘Triple Strike’



Get ‘Eye for an Eye’ 5 times


Fully Modified

Purchase 50 modifications


Speed up!

Activate 10 boosters


King of the Hill

Destroy in one battle 5 players’ vehicles while standing on the strategic point captured by your team



Get ‘Avenger’ 5 times


At one blow

Destroy 5 targets within 1 second



Get ‘Shadow Strike’ 100 times


German Collection

Order 50 German vehicles



Get ‘Intelligence’ 10 times


Dead Weight

Destroy a player’s vehicle which is tied to other player’s vehicle by a cable


Soviet Collection

Order 50 Soviet vehicles


Rank 2

Win 100 battles using vehicles of rank 2


Rank 3

Win 100 battles using vehicles of rank 3


Arcade 1000

Destroy 1000 players’ vehicles in arcade battles


US Collection

Order 50 US vehicles


Rank 1

Win 100 battles using vehicles of rank 1


Rank 4

Win 100 battles using vehicles of rank 4



Land on an aircraft carrier



Destroy 5 players’ vehicles at the distance of 1.5 kms or more


Street Brawler

Destroy 2 players’ vehicles within 30 seconds from a distance of 10 meters or less


Realistic 500

Destroy 500 players’ vehicles in realistic battles


British Collection

Order 50 British vehicles


Rank 5

Win 100 battles using vehicles of rank 5


But… how?!

Shoot down a plane with tank cannon in simulator mode



Get ‘Hero of the sky’ 10 times


Air Support

Get ‘According to Intelligence’ 10 times



Get ‘Wing Breaker’ 10 times



Get ‘Heavy Metal Hero’ 10 times



Get ‘Mission Maker’ 10 times



Get ‘Thunderer’ 10 times


Japanese Collection

Order 50 Japanese vehicles



Sink 5 aircraft carriers


True 100

Destroy 100 players’ vehicles in simulator battles


True and Fable

Win 50 single missions

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