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Wolfepack Inc Launches Crowdfunding For VR Laptop The Wolfe and Already Surpasses Goal

With nearly double already pledged, this Kickstarter is off to a great start.

There have been a number of very successful Kickstarter campaigns for virtual reality (VR), including OSSIC and the Oculus Rift. Another name that will be added to that hall of fame will be Wolfepack with its crowdfunding campaign for The Wolfe VR laptop.

The Wolfe can complete any task any other laptop can, but it is also powerful enough to handle VR, and with it being “the affordable, easy-to-use device”, it claims that there will be no need to buy a desktop again – a very bold claim. It seems as though it has captured the attention and pockets of nearly 300 backers already, only one day into the campaign, and it has exceeded its goal of $50,000 (USD) by $44,990, and it is growing.

the wolfe kickstarter

The way The Wolfe, and the Wolfe Pro, works is by plugging in to your laptop and giving it that extra boost that it needs to match up to a desktop. The Wolfe contains NVIDIA GTX 950 GPU – 768 cores operating at 1024MHz, for a peak compute power of 1.57 TeraFLOPS. The Wolfe Pro runs on an NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU – 1664 cores operating at 1050MHz, for a peak compute power of 3.49 TeraFLOPS.

Although the NVIDIA 10-Series is all the rage, it is said that it is “more than likely that Wolfe Pro level backers will be able to opt for the new GTX 1060 in our post-campaign survey for even better performance. The Wolfe claims to have five times the graphical power of a normal laptop, and The Wolfe Pro has up to 10 times, so with the 10-Series it can only be imagined how much more efficient it can become. But, the power isn’t limited, as the more Wolfes you can plug in, the more power you will get.

To reach bigger and better goals, you can pledge money towards The Wolfe and The Wolfe Pro on its Kickstarter campaign.

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