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2VR - Kickstarter

2VR Relaunches Funding Campaign on IndieGoGo for VR Glasses

VR on the move and in your pocket.

There’s quite a variety of designs for virtual reality (VR) headsets that are compatible with smartphones. The Google Cardboard design has been most widely copied, with its boxy frame and cheap materials. But there are designers and companies that have sought to improve upon it, offering new features and ideas to make a practical head-mounted display (HMD). One of the major draw backs to most smartphone headsets is portability, which is something Stimuli VR is looking to change with its 2VR glasses on IndieGoGo.

Stimuli VR originally launched a KickStarter crowd-funding campaign for its design back in February, looking to secure $30,000 USD. The campaign was unsuccessful with only $5,510 being raised before the company cancelled it. Now Stimuli VR has relaunched on IndieGoGo with a much lower flexible goal of $3000.


Currently the campaign sits at $1,245 with a month left to go and there are several funding tiers available for interested backers. The most popular will likely be the first Early Bird tier giving a 43 percent discount off the regular price, meaning that a 2VR is currently $19 with free shipping for US customers. That first tier only has a limited quantity available after which the next early bird tier will come into effect, still with a discount just not as much.

The 2VR headset goes for a simple light weight, glasses-based design. Currently only available in black or clear, both sets of arms – front ones to hold the phone, rear to attach to your head – are foldable, allowing the headset to be small enough to be put inside a pocket. It’s compatible with the majority of smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 4″ up to 5.5″. Depending on how successful the campaign is more colour combinations will become available, so that backers can select a colour more personal to themselves.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of 2VR, reporting back with any further updates on the campaign.

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